Herringbone Chains

Pendants & Chains

Pendants & Chains are someof the most popular items I make. I specializes in Herringbone Stitch Chains from small to large and 18 - 32" in length. Custom color orders are encouraged. I've made a number of different items to match dresses, skirts, handbags. If I can get an accurate color to match beads I can create a one-of-a-kind necklace for you.

Heirloom Series

Heirloom Bracelet Series

Heirloom Collection bracelets make fabulous gifts and thoughtful remembrances for family and friends. Choose from Heirloom Initials, Heritage Family names, or Name Bracelets. The Heirloom and Name Bracelets are in shiny beads. For a more masculine looking piece, choose the Heritage Bracelet made of matte beads and button closures.

Baskets and Beadwork

Basketry & Beads

Jana has been creating baskets of all sizes since learning from women from 11 Western Tribes starting in 2003. She currently makes Waxed Linen Miniature Baskets and then decorates them with beads. Designs are custom and vary from simple bands to completely covered.