About Me

About Jana

Hi. I’m Jana Hassett. I’ve been involved in Public Affairs and Public Relations since 1988 and worked my way from Public School Library Asst. to the Coastal Field Representative and Projects Director for an Oregon Member of Congress where I spent 11 years working with City, County and Special District Representatives.  My “spare time” as a single parent was spent raising her two daughters and managing rental properties.

I have owned and operated several businesses over the years and currently am Co-Owner/Artist for Utah Gemstone Jewelers.  In partnership with husband Tracy, I create tiny miniature twined baskets and cover them with bead-weavings in a variety of patterns. We owned and operated Gallery Escalante from 2005 until we closed the store in 2014 due to health issues.  During my time in Escalante I wrote grants for the Escalante Fire Station, Escalante City Water System, and Escalante Showhouse funded in excess of $1.5 million.

We moved to Enoch in 2015 and continue to volunteer time to the Southern Utah Rock Club, serve on the board for the Frontier Homestead Museum Foundation, and am a member of the Cedar City Chamber Ambassadors. 

I lovingly hand-craft each piece  and  they are guaranteed for my life (after that I can’t help you).  

What inspires me to create?  Busy Hands are Happy Hands!  I’ve been blessed with many talents and try to use them to give back to my community.  I knit because it brings my soul some peace.  I play the flute to lose myself in the healing of music.  I make beadweavings and baskets to provide items of beauty.

Thank you for your interest.  If you need to reach me please fill in the form below and I’ll respond promptly.