Knit for Charity

“And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance,
so that by always having enough of everything,
you may share abundantly in every good work.”

2 Corinthians 9:8


Each year I knit up products for our local hospital (which is 65 miles away) for the pink ladies gift shop. Usually newborn and premie hats and matching blankets.  For every scarf  I sell in Gallery Escalante I use 1/2 of the monies  to buy yarn to make product to donate.


2015 Charity Knitting Projects

One of this year’s charity projects will be knitting round baby blankets and sending to the New Life Pregnancy Center In Bullhead City, Arizona.  You can visit their facebook page here.  Working with several other women in Escalante, we sent off our first box of treasures this week.TJH ARTISTS - knit for charity



2014 Charity Knitting Project

Abundance can be defined a couple of ways; either by the amount of money you have or the many blessings you have in your life. Or, even better – a balance of both!

I’ve been blessed with many abilities and I’ve tried to use them appropriately over the years. The one that brings me the most peace of mind and soul is knitting. I can knit by the hour (until my old arthritic hands say stop). And I have “enough” yarn to keep those old hands busy for many hours. Thus – I have “Enough” projects. This years is to express my gratitude to Samaritan Albany General Hospital for their financial assistance for a family member. Without their help they would not be up and walking and their life would not be as good as it is.

I haven’t counted all the garments, hats, and blankets I’ve done over the winter, but here are the pictures. There is one more Cocoon and hat set that didn’t get photographed. The box of Treasures has been sent to my contact at the Hospital. They will be used as gifts from the Auxiliary Ladies to women in need, leaving the hospital without a special outfit or blanket to call their own.

Passing it on is what makes this world a better place.

I hope you’ll find someone to give your treasures to if you have enough.  – Jana –


2013 Donations

I wasn’t ready to go back to knitting scarves because my daughter and granddaughter have taken up that task (and doing a wonderful job).  I went back to hats for premies when a Facebook post grabbed my attention.

Hats For Vets 2013

#HatsforVeterans posted their need for hats for vets and the coordinator was just a couple of hours from here.  I ended up creating about 25 hats for the vets program.  It was fun, and perfect small project for the hot summer months.




One of my daughters had a good friend expecting so I spent a little time creating a cocoon for her.


Dana Waggoners Gifts

And a friend here in Escalante is going to be a Grandmother for the first time.  The hitch – the daughter-in-law is having one and the daughter is having twins – just weeks apart.  That’ll keep her busy.  So I made car seat covers – they have a slot in the center for the seat belt to fit through. Three blankets and matching hats each a different color that Grandma chose who got which color.  Great fun.  I included my poem about Grandmothers.  Would you like a copy?  Register to comment and I’ll email you one.


2012 Donations

In 2012 the wildfire in Colorado made me want to donate a number of hats to the children whose homes were destroyed in June.  I knitted 20 hats and another lady in town crocheted 12 hats that we sent to the yarn shop in their hometown.

Fort Collins Burnout Donations
For Collins Wildfire Donations

Then Hurricane Sandy hit and left the volunteer firefighters of Point Breezy without a fire station, equipment or their own homes.  Some had to stand and watch their own homes burn to the ground without the ability to suppress the fire.

Breezy Point Fire Dept. Gift
Breezy Point Minis

It tore me up, so I made 20+ hats, miniature stockings for each volunteer and a beaded belt buckle for the chief (who had to make everything work and come together for the safety of his community and volunteers.  (Belt Buckles are in another gallery
I’m proud to be a Breezy Point Volunteer.

Breezy Point Fire Dept. Volunteer Patch
Breezy Point Fire Dept. Volunteer Patch