Jana’s hand twined miniature baskets are collectors items.  Whether covered with beads, sporting a bead panel or just waxed linen, these intricate baskets are great conversation pieces.  Some are so small they are to scale for doll houses.

You are welcome to custom order a basket for your own color scheme, or theme.  Many designs to choose from and no two are ever alike (as I won’t repeat a pattern in the same colors and sizes).  Use the Contact me form to start our conversation about you custom made twined basket.

Twining is the ancient art of twisting two threads/cords around one. Â The one is known as the spoke, thus it is the backbone of the basket. Â Starting at the bottom of the basket, I work my way around the bottom and then up each side.  I can make them using different colors, patterns, cover with beads, banded with beads, or wall decor plaques framed. Â I only create 10 a year so be sure to order yours early.  It takes about 6 weeks from prepayment to receive your basket.  Stop in my Escalante Art Studio and visit.  I’ll show you how they’re made and how you can DIY if you like.