7 Colors of Joy! 12/21/2014

Beadweaving Bracelets
Kaleidoscope Bracelet

I spent the last three months of the year closing down our brick and mortar retail operation. Getting back to creating took a special project and this one qualified. It’s a gift for a special lady in my life and I need to finish it for gifting the first of the year. (No, it’s not a Christmas gift.)

The seven colors of Size 11 Delica beads make up the design in this beautiful bracelet and create a contrast and glow that goes with about anything. She’s into contrast and wears a lot of pink and purple so it should go with about anything.

The printed pattern is on the left of my bead tray, and the beads on the tray are in order by number to match the pattern. Using numbers instead of symbols keeps it easy and if you have to stop and start the project, easier to resume. I follow the pattern with a short ruler and usually complete one full pattern before I put it down. It’s an easy way to complete a project – block by block or pattern by pattern. Before you know it, you’ve done.

I’ll finish with gold ribbon bars crimped and glued and a lobster clasp for security.

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