Bead Table Project July 28, 2014

What’s on my bead table this week?

Sandstone and Copper – Husband Tracy takes slices of Wonderstone (Sandstone) and shapes them into caboshons of various sizes and shapes He then creates a copper mount with security tabs and glues the cab in place.

My challenge is to create a necklace to compliment the pendant. That can present quite the challenge because beads only come in so many colors. I usually start with copper-lined beads and look to see how they compliment or accent the lines in the sandstone. Some pieces have very dark lines that can be accented by using dark beads in the necklace.  However, if there are too many lines it becomes cluttered to the eye and I choose a different aspect to enhance.Fine Grained Sandstone

Some of his pieces he’s carved a little village in. Even though there’s a shiny copper bail, matte bead chains look lovely and accent the rustic feel of the pendant. Each piece is totally different and requires a fresh eye. If I have several to complete I do a different project in between to keep repetition to a minimum.

As we complete more over the next hear I’ll post them here – Sandstone

Until next week – – – – –

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