Beads and Self Respect

I’m very happy with the view from my new studio space here in Escalante, UT.  It’s spring here – 60’s, blue skies, and the daffodils are about to bloom at the Post Office.  It’s hard to believe winter is over – it wasn’t very cold, there wasn’t much snow, and I didn’t get much jewelry done.  Sigh!

Chains are 16" - 24" long and come in just about any color combination. 16-18" chains $72.00 20"-24" chains $85.00
Herringbone Stitch Chains
Hiking season will begin early.  And Turn About Ranch enrollment will expand.  It was graduation weekend for one group this weekend.  It’s fun to see the difference in the whole family mid-term to graduation.  The level of self-respect at graduation  is huge compared to midterm.  Self respect is such a major issue in life.  It affects what we wear and the message we send.  Whether we wear 8 rings at a time or 2.  And where we wear them sends an even louder message.
Have you seen the transformation in Adam Levine in the last year?  From punk rocker with tats to suit wearing, hair combed gentleman about to marry the love of his life.  She loves him and he cares.  The message is loud and clear.  Blake Shelton, however, is the opposite.  He’s withdrawn, everyone talks about his substance abuse problem and he is always fiddling with his wedding ring.
Having had two husbands and a father with the same problem (yes, I’m a slow learner), I know first hand the damage to everyone’s lives that occurs with a drinker in the house.  I hope Blake gets help soon.  It won’t be easy to kick in an industry that lives for the party.
Our industry lives for beads.  And our obsession is having “enough”.  How do we know what amount that is?  There’s so many things to create.  For me, and what I create, it is 52 woven bracelets a year.  Then do as many strung pendants on hand-beaded cords as possible (usually one a week).  It varies, but I make and sell about 100 items a year.  I need to get busy, I’ve sold 5 this week.  At least I know how much is “enough”.
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