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Color is at the very core of our existence.  Light reflects through our eyes and our brains interpret that light giving it meaning because of its color.  Following the use of color throughout our lives can provide keys to our reactions, moods, and thoughts.  Color trends are created for the benefit of the industries promoting them and we choose to follow them depending on how we react to them.

Creating jewelry centers around the use of color, whether through texture, style, or mood and wearing it is partly the response to the reason we acquired it.  Have you ever taken the time to go back through your jewelry box?  I’ve been on a cleanout mission for both our store and our home.  Too much stuff requires the removal of items that no longer have personal or business value.  I’ve given lots away, sold some and repurposed the majority of it.  When I got to the various boxes and baskets that line the dresser I realized I didn’t need them all nor would I ever wear them again. When I asked myself the basic question, what was their value?, I realized they told their own story and color was a part of that.

I decided I’d create a shadow box of those items that have sentimental value and tell a story of my life.  From the Sterling Silver Friendship ring my father gave me when I was 13, to the more expensive pieces given me by others in my life, each needed to be in the story and each needed its own color space.  I’m now in the process of creating a “crazy quilt” of color squares where each piece will be featured depending on the color it provided to my life.  I’ll pick a fabric color and texture that will reinforce that story and then use black thread to attach them together in proper order.  It should be a fun project and hopefully one that hangs on the family wall for some time to come.

As for color trends – I plan to write more about that in the weeks to come,  starting with the #Pantone #Color of the Year – Emerald.

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