Corn Planting Moon

The Corn Planting Moon –

That’s the Indian name for tomorrow’s full moon. It is time to plant corn – hopefully the rains will follow. In arid places corn was planted in groups, not in furrows. Little basins were formed and a small mound created in the center. The seeds were planted in the mounds and water from the rains (hopefully) filled up the basins. Especially when monsoon corn was planted in mid summer, it depended on the monsoons for life. Beans were planted nearby so the bean plant could use the corn stalk to grow up. And Squash was planted to cover the ground and help keep it moist and cool.

Beadwoven basket by Jana
Hand-twined bead-covered basketry of the Corn Maiden

The pad next to our house has a dream it become a garage when it grows up. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet, growing up or the garage. In the meantime, I lobbied my spouse and best friend to let me grow native corn there in basins. Since the gutter system downloads there it could help with the project. He’s a treasure, he didn’t say yes and he didn’t say no. He just wanted to know who was going to eradicate the skunks that love living in the corn fields in this part of the world? Oh, forgot about that. Never mind!!!

Just as well, I’d be tempted to use Culinary water on them and that’s going to be in short supply this year. Snow pack on the mountains where our water comes from is down to 3 inches. Hardly enough to get through the summer. The City will have to switch over to well water and I won’t be surprised if that comes in late May. That would be pretty early.

So happy Corn Planting Moon. Breathe deep and walk away. You know there will be tension and challenges – there always are on full moon.

As C.A. Brooks would say tomorrow, ” is an opportunity to feel empowered by accepting our personal authority and taking responsibility for our thoughts and emotions”. Should be some day.
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