February Birthstones –

“The February born shall find – Sincerity and peace of mind.

Freedom from passion and from care – If they an Amethyst will wear”

Whether you’re thinking about buying a gift for a February Child, or a Pisces Born person, purple is the color you’re seeking.  The color of the imagination, royalty, nobility, and spirituality – even this month’s flower is purple.

The lore on Violets is they represent faithfulness, wisdom and hope.  Between the flower and the stone, this should be a regal person.  If you’re looking to represent royalty and riches choose a deep purple.  If you want to be romantic, delicate, and feminine – choose a light purple.  But watch for the tones to be sure you get the color you want.  A warmer purple has more red and a cooler purple has more blue.Gemstones for Jewelry

There are many Amethysts available.  Those that have been faceted are much more expensive than the more rustic cuts and cabochons.  It is a fairly hard stone because it is purple quartz.  And there are other ways to obtain Amethyst without spending a fortune.  Tumbled chips are a great investment because they are hard, drilled for stringing and come in various sizes.  There again, you need to watch the tone to be sure you get a warm or cool tone depending on the other elements in your creation.

I was able to pick up several strands of Amethyst chips at Quartsite in January.  I haven’t used any yet, but I will as I work my way through the many pieces waiting to be put together.  I spent time today making a Petrified Wood Necklace, an Aquamarine bead and crystal necklace that holds a blue opal in Silver butterfly, and a piece I call “Blue Corn”.  A sterling silver corn pendant strung with Lapis Lazuli Denim chips and Cobalt Silver-lined seed beads.  It’s a stunner and I’ll try and get pictures up by the end of the week.

Until then.


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