Jewelry and Fashion Updates

The trip to the trade shows is just as inspiring as it always has been, but it is certainly more difficult to get around.  Old bones just don’t care much for pounding the concrete floors for three solid days.  But the new products, display ideas and connections with suppliers is inspiring.  We always come home with new ideas to try, displays to erect and merchandise to add.

This season we’ve added more copper leaves and some Amber.  Since Amber is fossilized tree resin, it blends in nicely with the rest of the rock and gem product line.  We’ll have just a few pieces the balance of this season and if they are well received expand for the Spring 2013.

The other new product line is rose gold.  Both in leaves and chains, it will be the color for 2013 and you’ll see a lot more of it around.  Fire Mountain Gems will begin to stock findings and finished merchandise in the late Spring.  We have leaves and chains that are absolutely stunning.  Come by to see for yourself.

Copper is growing in popularity and will be more available this winter and spring.  We found a couple of new suppliers and will look to adding them in the Winter.

Accessories are the “in thing” for 2013.  Scarves and scarf jewelry were everywhere.  Handbags are still very much a huge fashion statement.  The winter colors were pretty traditional in black, brown and grey leather (and leather look).  Big, gaudy, cheap jewelry is what you’ll see about everywhere.  Refined elegance is still the style for the higher end stores.  The nicest of the big jewelry was simple – earrings that were many strands of chain and gemstone chips.  They hung nicely within hairstyles and gave you the bling you were looking for.  Then a many-strand necklace of chains and chips replaced the big, gaudy look with simple elegance.  Much better for work and the opera.

Colors were all over the place, but the many-color look was very prominent, just not the screaming, psychedelic colors of years past (and not tye-die).  Peaches are the colors for next spring/summer.  Look on your color wheels for colors to go with.

If you want to pick up an inexpensive scarf and “make it your own” bead yourself a slide large enough to go over the scarf and you’ll be IN.

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