Listening to the Heartbeat of #Art

#Artmatters – at least in our lives.  We talk about it, read about it, and write abnout it.  Our conversations focus on design, style and color – all elements of our jewelry.  These three elements are the difference in creating mediocre jewelry or stunning pieces of #art.  But not every piece qualifies.

Learning to listen to our inner voice and let the piece “talk to us” is part of our challenges.  Taking time to create versus production is hard after years of production of our crafts.  We’re slowing evolving from “gee if one of those is wonderful what would 50 be like?” to “that’s a wonderful one-of-a-kind piece of #art and we’ll rejoice in its singularity”.Copper Raven Jewelry - Kokopelli

When the piece hangs around for a whole season and doesn’t sell I told myself it’s because the right person hasn’t seen it.  But I’m beginning to realize it just might be it wasn’t put together correctly.  I have one of those pieces now (Kokopelli >).  I’ve torn it all apart and will re-create it thinking of design, color and style while listening to its heartbeat.  (I’ll post the results of the redesign)

As we continue to mature in our #artwork we learn what works and what is true #art.  We slow down and listen to the heartbeat of the piece and let it evolve.  And in turn, we evolve as #artists.

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