Snow Goddess is Complete

Long before I’m ready for the fringe I string beads on very long needles or head pins to design the fringe.  Depending on the size, shape and beads used, your fringe should add length, beauty and simple elegance.  It rarely looks good tohave a square block across or around your beads unless it’s a horizontal design.  And since few women look good with a horizontal pendant, design for vertical.  The vertical of the stone can help thin their face appearance.  Think neck styles when you’re designing.
1st Lady Obama wore a gorgeous strapless gown to the Kennedy Center Honors.  But her long neck, small bust, and thin shoulders would have looked better with a halter neckline.  Visit my page on neckstyles for help.  At the very least a cameo necklace would have helped take your attention away from her bony shoulders.

Snow Goddess Necklace Chain
Bail and Herringbone chain
At this point I have a completed pendant with fringe but no chain.  I need to decide how heavy it should be (thickness) and the colors to use.  Many times I have envisioned a chain for a pendant  of 4-6 strands of beads and found it not only doesn’t fit the piece it may not fit the bail. So think about the bail size when you put the finishing touches on it.
Snow Goddess was designed for a 6 strand herringbone chain of 6 colors that were used in the necklace.  This is what I created for the 6 inches of the front center. Then I scaled them to 4 strands of herringbone chain using two colors for each side.  They were then attached via a 12mm bead and tiger tail was strung through all the chains.  The hook and eye clasp is secure because of the weight of the piece.
Cabochon Necklace #madebyhand
Snow Goddess Necklace
                                    She’s now available at Etsy.

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