What’s On The Bead Table Today? 8/11/14

Hand dipped leaves. Yes, real leaves that have been dipped in gold or bronze or silver.

This week’s creation is a Copper Coated Oak Leaf that leans on Gold dipped Aspen Leaf. Both of these grow on the Dixie National Forest, on the plateau overlooking Escalante, Utah. The small scrub oak grows at about 7,500 ft and the Aspen love the higher elevations. Scenic Byway 12 passes through the Aspen grove at 9,500 ft.
Bead Table 8-13-14
The pendant hangs from my glass seed bead necklace of Orange and Gold beads. Orange for the September Child and Gold for the fall season that both match these wonderful leaves.

Grandmother would tell you that Aspen trees are knowing, and encourage forgiveness. Oak are steadfast, and carrying an acorn with you will bring protection.

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