Dress For Success

Women in the workplace seems to be a hot topic right now, especially since the publication of

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg.  Not all of us are interested in being in middle to upper management, except maybe for the payscale.  That still doesn’t exempt us from “dressing the part”.

The 11 years I spent working for a Congressman I wore the “uniform” of a black business suite most of the year.  But  6 months was about all I could stand before I went to lighter colors for spring and summer seasons.  Black went to the back of the closet and grey came forward.  Since we’re only 11 days away from Spring you might start thinking about a change.

I would add bright colored blouses and scarves to the outfits.  This years color of Emerald Green can inspire a lift to the spirits yet still keep that business look.  When the weather permits, switch to short sleeve sweaters in bright colors under your suit.  There are many ways to “brighten things up” without stepping too far outside the proper dress lines.

What you wear depends on what position you have, and frankly, what position you want.  For those who are not management oriented (and you don’t have to be to enjoy working) think about more casual, yet professional, ways to dress with a spring touch.  Open-weave sweaters are on their way to the racks of many dress shops and pair that with straight-legged jeans and a bright colored shirt and you’re there. One sweater for the season can be dressed a number of ways.  Wear a bright-colored shirt with your sweater and the colors are perfect.  Take your winter colored blouse/shirt and add your sweater with a bright colored scarf and dark jeans and you’re there.  Think spring – you’ll see more of the Pantone color scheme available this year to add to the past few years colors that helps keep you “dressed for success” – whatever that is for you.