Custom Made

Custom Beadwork by Jana
Custom Heirloom Bracelets

Copper Raven Heirloom Bracelets are the ultimate gift for your loved one.  Designed using your Birthstone color, Astrological sign color, flower color and a style that fits, space for 4 script initials can be used any way you like.  Some choose to have their animal totem included.  Background colors are determined by all the others.

Does the recipient like Silver or Gold jewelry?  The Copper Raven Brand is beaded on every piece and a Certificate of Authenticity is included.  It takes 3-6 weeks to complete after the design is approved.  A $35.00 design fee is deducted from the final Bracelet cost which is determined by the number of beads.  The average bracelet of 7 1/2 ” long and 2 ” wide  is $125.00 – larger sizes are slightly higher.

Heirloom Bracelet Detail
Custom Beadwork Heirloom Bracelet

This bracelet was designed for someone born in July and their birthstone colors are ruby, rose quartz, and emerald – thus the flower pattern. They prefer gold and their totem is a rabbit.

Also available, Custom Heritage Beadwork Bracelets, and personal name bracelets.  These exquisite pieces are all beaded one at a time and each requires a week to produce. So don’t wait until the week before Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or other special occasions.  Order yours today.