45 years of Retailing -8-19-14


After 45 years of brick and mortar retailing we’re about to digress to art shows and wholesale. Hard to believe, but true. We have our store in a tourist based economy and it requires you be here 8AM to 8PM 7 days a week during the season and the customer doesn’t really care what day it is or what time – they’re on vacation. If you want the sale you’ll be there. In the winter months we’ve always stayed open because we’re here making product for the season and we might as well have the doors open. We’ve always made enough on those winter days to pay the basic monthly costs and the store insurance.

Our Myrtlewood shop in Oregon was concrete floors and that took it’s toll. Our 1943 historic building in Escalante, UT is wood floors and that’s helped keep us standing here all these years. But it’s now time. It has ceased to be fun so it’s time to do something else. Tracy has enjoyed taking, processing, printing and framing his own photography. His line of greeting cards and post cards will be available wholesale and on-line. But larger images will go away when the last are sold.

Tracy is headed back to his shop and he couldn’t be happier. He’s modified his little 8′ x 14′ shop into a lapidary shop and acquired all the necessary tools (or almost) to create Sandstone Cabochons with copper backings for jewelry. Some he creates for me to make bead chain necklaces. Others he’ll make strictly for wholesale and he already has several outlets. The bulk of our jewelry will, however, go out through art festivals and rock and gem shows. We’ll post our schedule of where we’ll be and will continue to blog. And you can always email us to order online.

One other item I’ll start adding to our blog is how to successfully run a retail business sharing our little methods and procedures that have kept us up and running all these years.

Last day? October 31st, 2014. I’ll miss the people and their wonderful stories, but my 66yr old body and Tracy’s 75 yr old body won’t miss the hard work it takes each and every day to make it happen. He’s retiring for the third time. Sure – I’ll believe that when he spends more time in his recliner than his shop stool.

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