When the Kaw Indians were removed from their lands in the 1800’s, many were removed to the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma.  Great Grandma Elizabeth was part of that generation, but never left our family farm on the Kansas River.

In those days, names were based on need, and where you were in life.  The family oral history has been lost on what her Kaw name was, but she was Elizabeth on the Farm.

Changing your name for your time in life isn’t a bad idea, in my mind.  It helps focus you and others on who you are and where you are.  Thus the professional naming of Copper Raven.

The Raven is a master shape shifter.  Over my 60+ years I’ve been (in no special order) a pawn, a politician, a case work, grant writer, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, step-parent, business owner, artist and wife.  I can relate to the magic of the Raven and their spirits.  They mate for life, eat whatever shows up, and love to taunt Eagles.  Sounds like me.

Copper?  Copper is a metal that radiates healing properties.  And I’m at a point in my life where I truly enjoy helping heal others.  I certainly have been blessed with others healing me over the years.  Including my wonderful husband of 12+ years.

And the beadwork, basketry and knitting I’m doing is certainly healing.  I’ve maintained having classes over the years.  And what I learn from students is much more than I feel I give to them.  Listening to their stories is a blessing and reminds me that we’re all on this earth together.

So, if you could change your name – what would it be and why?

Until next week, seek shiny beads woven with strong fibers and wrapped in knitted fiber.    Jana

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