Peace for Mo

As I become ever more aware of my ability to foresee events and activities, the burden of proof is also daunting.  Mo’s current “Out of Mos’s Mind” on Marks Power Peak sounds like he’s beating himself up because he foretold of these fires.  But I doubt he could have said where and when, it was just this summer.  Please don’t beat up on yourself, Mo, for not taking your own predictions into closer focus – I find it hard to know who will be affected by my visions, let alone when.

I do try to take it one step further and think about what I might do in the instance, and how I might help someone else deal with it.  Our ability to help one of those families can come from many places – oddly my wish is that this event gives those that lost everything an opportunity to grow their lives in a new way that brings them immense joy and peace –   A time to determine what is “enough” and achieve it – a time to sow so they may reap the rewards of choosing to live for “enough”.

For quality of life and standard of living need to match and having it based on your own decision of what is “enough” gives us peace.

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