The Celestine Prophecy is a fictional account of the finding of the pieces of an ancient manuscript, with 9 insights.  The fun part of the book is like synchronicity itself, anticipating the next insight and who might bring it forward.

 The many phases of synchronicity start with what Mr. Redfield calls the “the 1st Insight” of being conscious of the coincidences in our lives that get us beyond the “me-first” attitude and the battle for control.  And as we have moved from a spiritual framework to an economic one, we’ve lost our energy.

 In order to get it back, we’ve found behavior ways to take energy from others – “an unconscious competition that underlies all human conflict in the world”.  You can witness this in the Libya leader Moammar Gadhafi.  He’s switched his tactics from “poor me” to “aloof” to “interrogator” to “intimidator”.  Unfortunately for him, none are working this time around.  Mr. Redfield has labeled it “drama control” and his is the highest sort you’ll find.  Luckily, most drama on the home-front or at work isn’t nearly that lethal.

 This unconscious “drama control” is about pressuring people to react in a way that they give up their energy to the other using one of the four “dramas” listed above..  And not allowing your energy to be taken keeps your energy levels up which keeps you aware of messages from others.  The story is a fun read as well as challenges your sense of “coincidence”.  The 9th Insight explains how human culture will change in the next millennium; how we must release our fear of scarcity and our need to control; we must give so we can receive those messages meant for us, if we’re watching for them.

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