Yellow – Always it’s own color trend

Yellow – the color of cheer, splendor and the warmth of the sun.  Here on the high desert it’s the visual time clock for the seasons, and a reminder of the simple joys of being on Earth.

Wild Current - GSENM
Wild Current – GSENM

The wild currant that is in full bloom outside my front window is a reminder that winter is coming to a close and spring has sprung. There are other yellow flowers around, but they were brought here and cultivated, while the native plants are signs of success.  Their message?  “Look at me, I’ve survived another harsh winter on the high plateau and I’m ready to grow and provide berries.”  They stand as a messenger for hope for the year ahead.

The native yellow flower of summer is the hundreds of sunflowers blown in from who knows where.  Their happy yellow faces stand out in the stark landscape, greeting visitors and residents alike as they line to highways of the Grand Staircase.  A reminder it is almost harvest time and will disappear with the third cutting of alfalfa.  The seed will mature to provide food for the thousands of birds that raise their young in the pinyon/pine forests and some will hide in the thatch to grow and bloom again.

Then in late September and October, the Rabbitbrush marks the end of the season.  It’s lovely golden yellow reminds you to enjoy the fall foliage of the Aspen and Cottonwood and to prepare for another winter – a time to quietly reflect on the past year – and know the cycle will begin again when the wild current shows it splendor again.

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