The Rest of Our Story

I’ll try and finish without being too wordy.  We slowly got things in order.  It’s been 3+ years since we moved in and we’re about done with the improvements/changes. 

Jeff helped roof it.
Glenn helped with the Insulation

Tracy built his shop and a few friends provided specialty assistance (when needed).

We added a carport for the truck because the garage isn’t long enough to hold it.  We traded cars a couple of times.

We bought and sold trailers

We did outdoor art shows in Moab, Logan and Sandy and decided it’s more than two old people can do – 2 canopies, 6 sides, 6 anchors, jewelry racks, 6 tables, chairs, the demo cabbing machine and all the lighting.  Oh, and all the bags and boxes of product.

Now we do indoor shows only.  Everything fits in the Cargo Trailer and we can only make enough product for 6 shows and two galleries anyway, so it works perfectly.

We’ve both slowed down some. I‘ve had both knees replaced and realized how much I enjoy being home.

Tracy had his Aortic Heart Valve replaced and lower back surgery.  It’s helped a great deal.

My Mom passed away during those years, and I think of her often.  My sister and I chat about once a month since Mom’s death.  We’ll never be super close, but we’re enjoying our newfound friendship.

Barbara and Jana

Speaking of friends, my High School buddy popped up on Facebook during this time.  We met in Brian Head, and have stayed connected.

And that, my friends, family and customers, brings us to today.  We’ll start exploring my crafts world from here.

Until next time.  . . .

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