Do You Have a Little Black Dress for the coming season?

Have you checked to make sure it isn’t too little or too big? Are you lear of having one because you’re a plus size? This is where you need to match your dress style to your body type and your jewelry needs to match.
We have a petitie local meteorologist who normally years daint jewelry to match her delicate frame. But she has a new necklace she’s worn a few times that is so oversized for her frame it swallows her neck and leaves yuou focused on the necklace instead of her face. Another news person has a tendency to wear ornate jewelry with busy patterns or odd necklines. It again becomes the focus during the news cast instead of her face.
The same is true of your black dress. Accent it with jewelry so folks will focus on what you want them to – jewelry, dress, legs, whatever. Don’t just take something off the rack and say this will do. Try it on and decide – close your eyes, then standing in front of a full-length mirror open them and see where your eye goes. Where you want it? Remember, everyone is different and necklines and body shapes should accent your positives.
Can’t decide? Try visiting the websites of Nordstroms, Macy’s, and J.C.Penny’s for ideas.

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