Recycled Jeans?

Jeans are a staple of American Women’s Spring and Summer wardrobes.  After late summer and fall Khakis and Twills – fall and winter  cords and wools, the lighter fabrics are welcomed.  Sandals, no nylons (when possible) and a little more casual look gives us a lighter look and feel on life.
Business attire changes from dark blue and black to light blue and light grey.  Mix those with the Pantone spring colors in mint and peach and your “dress blues” don’t seem as heavy.  And on dress-down Friday, jeans can be dressed up to fit your style, position, and life.  It’s nice to relax a little and enjoy the “dress of the west”.
Jeans are now available in a range of colors, sizes and lengths.  From summer shorts to fleece-lined winter weights, denim can be worn to a dressy summer outing or a Sunday afternoon picnic.  I don’t see them losing their appeal anytime soon (except for skinny jeans – why torture yourself with those).  So look for blouses and shirts that you can partner with your dress greys and your jeans, use scarves and jewelry to create different “looks” and enjoy the lighter side of the year.
When searching for jeans, you might watch for Levi’s new lines of “waste<less – water<less” products.  According to Fast Company Magazine’s March 2014 Edition, Levi’s program was launched last spring – their “waste<less line uses 20% recycled materials in each garment.  And last fall Levi’s Docker brand debuted ‘wellthread’ – designed to recycle old material into new clothing and make sustainable apparel cheaper to product”.
KUDOS to Levi.  Let’s see which department stores pick up on those lines.
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