Shopping as Entertainment – Maybe Vegas Style

Phil Hevener writes for “Gaming Today” in Las Vegas.  In the March 4-10 edition he talks about entertainment and how “the gaming and entertainment business continues serving up surprises.  As it responds to the vagaries of politics and the shifting spending patterns of consumers chasing the biggest band they can get for their buck.”
He feels one of the surprises is “Las Vegas’s rapid ascendancy to the front ranks of retail shopping destinations.”  I don’t believe I ever considered Vegas as a shoping destination until this past trip.  Every major Hotel now has a large retail shopping opportunity, or is building one.  Even Treasure Island is removing the pirate ships to make space for more retail.  The Linq in nearly read to open with retail shops, the giant ovservation wheel (more than 500 ft tall) and a monorail station.  Come have lunch, shop, and take a ride – entertainment at its finest.
How can small, home grown retail shops compete with that?  Service, unique products, and sizzle – the personal story of who you are, where you came from or details regarding your artwork.  The other advantage is our ability to provide personal service – helping customers with styles, colors and necklines.
Do you know your personal style?  Do you have one?  What about colors?  What are your best personal colors and how do they mix and match with what’s available on the rack?  Necklines make us look fat, thin, round, tall, and can add or detract from our overall appearance.  What’s your best neckline look?
Stop by my studio in Escalante, UT and we can talk about that.  Try different colors and see what your wardrobe should be saying about you.  It has a huge voice whether you “lean in”  for business or “lean out” for home.
Can’t visit?  Fill out the contact form and we’ll do as much as we can online to help you find your style – it’s free.

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