Summer Fashion and your Birthstone

Summer Fashion – all the magazines and blogs are trying to convince buyers they need the latest style, trend and color. For those of us that continue our schedule, regardless of summer breaks from school or holidays at the beach, we’re just delighted to rotate our suits and colors to reflect the shades of summer.

And what are those “shades of summer”? Take any color on the wheel and add white. Then lighten the fabric, lighten the patterns, lighten the lipstick and nail polish, and you have summer. But don’t wait until August to get the nail color you want to wear for your summer outings and company picnics – it’ll be gone. The stores will already be stocking “back to school” and new colors, styles and trends.

Some of those fun styles, trends and colors would be nice to have, but the staples of the working womans’ summer wardrobe is going to be tan, pale grey, light blue, and white – at least a white jacket, sweater or shrug. The pastels of summer suits lighten our spirits and the poly-blend blouses are still the best buy for wash and wear quality. Dress-down Friday we can don a red cotton print shirt, with a denim skirt, red sandles, and that white shrug and still feel like the professional we are.

Need that denim outfit a little dressier? Add pearls. Yes, the June Birthstone says dress-up events and weddings. Pearls come in lots of colors these days, but they are made of glass. True pearls should be reserved for semi-formal to formal evening wear. But today’s cultured pearls come in all sizes and shapes and a string adds a very feminine touch to your outfits. I make necklaces of pearlized seed beads. I mix them with colored seed beads, silver-lined crystal seed beads, or silver-lined grey seed beads. Each is a very different look yet formal enough for most occasions. Available in different lengths, all work well with your favorite pendant or alone. Standard size bead necklaces are four beads around and work well for ladies up to size 16. Beyond that the larger diameter 6 bead around necklace is a bolder statement that better fits a bustier woman.

For summer, I like to take the birthstone color and add white. Just because your July birthstone is ruby red, it’s nice to have an option of a lighter red and silver for the summer months. Then have one in a dark ruby red and gold for the winter. For June ladies, have a pearl and silver-line crystal for the summer and a pearl and grey for the winter. The grey beads create beautiful shadows on the pearl beads yet are neutral enough they can be worn with just about any color suit. Matching earrings are fun, but certainly not necessary. Summer is simple, so keep your jewelry simple. Single drops, posts, and short spirals make nice additions. Leave the larger pieces for winter when bolder colors and sizes can be worn successfully. Huge circles and monster earrings are not appropriate for the office. Keep those for the evening and weekend fun.

Need help with your wardrobe? Post a question or send me an email. I’ll give you my honest opinion without attitude or insults.

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