Summer Suit Colors – How Long Can You Wear Them?

Giving up those wonderful light-colored suits for the heavy darks of summer is hard to do. It’s still warm out, the days are still fairly long and you’re still attending events that are themed after summer. What to do?

Keep wearing them until the weather turns cool, but change out your accessories and your blouses. The soft yellows of summer turn golden, so change to a warmer and brighter color of yellow with khaki colored suits. Add some chocolate brown with the gold and put away the sandals.

The same can be done with grey – use oranges, reds and black in scarves, blouses and jewelry. Unfortunately, the light blues need to go to the cleaners and into the storage closet for next summer. While you’re there, start bringing out your dark brown suits and dresses and grab a light-weight sweater to go with. Transition slowly and it won’t feel as depressing . The winter season, is without a doubt, longer than the summer, so don’t feel obligated to change your entire closet around just because the moon says it’s Autumn.

When you’re looking at your jewelry, begin to change from the delicate daisy chains and pastel colored stones to bolder colors of the fall and winter. It’s not the only time, but a good time to start wearing your copper and silver dipped Aspen leaves. They say “autumn” and their bronze/gold colors stand out on your summer suits. Most of all, enjoy what’s left of the seasons before the frost takes the garden and the snow drives us back inside.

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